We will not have a formal drivers meeting. This page will serve as the official documentation for the racing format at Wicked Weekend 2022
There will be 3 rounds of qualifying. 1 Round on Friday, rounds 2 and 3 on Saturday.

Qualifying rounds will be 5 minutes in length with 2 warm-up laps. 

We will use a qual point system where the best 2 out of 3 rounds will count. The tiebreaker will be the combined laps and times of each driver's 2 best qualifying rounds.

After round 1, there will be a re-sort. The re-sorted heats will be posted Friday night after the completion of round 1. There will NOT be another re-sort, so rounds 2 and 3 will use the same heat sheets after they are posted.

Qualifying on Saturday (rounds 2 and 3) will begin at 7am. After the completion of rounds 2 and 3, we will begin running some lower mains. We expect each round of qualifying to take approximately 5.5 hours.

Mains day on Sunday will begin at 7am and run until completed.
Mains are posted here. Race 15 will marshal race 1. Start time is 6:55pm and we will run through race 15 tonight.

We're running 13 bump 3.
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