Downloads for photos taken at the 2023 Wicked Weekend are available at the link below. Web-size photos with a watermark on the bottom corner are free! You can get them from this link or from our Facebook page. If you'd like a FULL SIZE (usually 24 megapixel) clean copy of your photo, they're available below for $6 each. Money from these downloads goes directly towards more photo or broadcast equipment for the next races. If you have questions or would like to buy a photo with a slight alteration, contact me directly at 
There are separate pages in the album for practice, mains, etc.
If you need photography for any of your events, racing or otherwise, I'm Jacob Peterson and I'm your guy! I shoot an extremely wide range of subjects, including portraits, families, weddings, product photos, racing, sports, haunted houses and escape rooms, and more. Send me a message at to get connected, or check out my portfolio links at the bottom of the page.
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